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???? Well, it all started off with a desire to look fashionably emaciated, maybe wear a beret, and upset as many people as possible by wittering on about angst. Existentialist philosophy, unfortunately, doesn't seem to offer any of the above. But it still has its interesting points.


Dhukka dhukka dhukka I read Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance and it made a lot of sense; that was a few years ago. Then I got into Kerouac and after reading The Dharma Bums I decided maybe to look into this Buddhism lark. It seems that I've been unconciously practising a good whack of it for the last few years, though I've some reservations about pure consumption (avoiding drugs and alcohol) and vegetarianism as yet


Smash it up, smash it up Anarchism: nothing to do with gunz'n'bomz (well, except by historic association), nothing to do with the Anarchists' Cookbook, and not really about nastiness at all. Indeed, the essential precept as I see it is 'let's all get along, why don't we', with strong overtones of 'who needs a government anyway'. But it's not the chaotic mess you might take it for.