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I have to admit that for a CompSci webpage, this one is sadly lacking in JavaScript, applets, pop up windows, <shudder> scrolling status bars </shudder>, automatic MIDI music, etc. But I do take an interest in how all that stuff is done, even if I choose not to inflict it upon you; here are the links I find useful:

MP3 things:

I used to have a few links to mp3 sites, but they all disappeared. So I don't bother any more. To search for MP3s, search for +bandname +mp3 in  Metacrawler, e.g. +radiohead +mp3. Or try lastword_of_song.mp on the ftpsearch in Norway (below), e.g. skank.mp to look for Rockafeller Skank (Fat Boy Slim). The extension mp rather than mp3 will find mp2 and mpa files as well. Also bear in mind that with some songs (e.g. Nothing Compares 2 U), you have to contend with people saving it as "to you", "to_you", "2_you", "2 u", and even (as is the case with the only copy I could find) "to%20you" (for those who don't know, %20 is the HTML/ascii code for a space). These considerations are not such a problem if you use the last word of the song, but searching for you.mp turns up too many hits. You could also try Scour.net, who keep a large index with reliability ratings on every file. You have to download their Media Agent to use this site, though.

Ftp Searches:

Why so few? Because just about every other ftpsearch you'll find on the web is just a link to one of these in a frame. The Norwegian one is good; if you get a broken link, be sure to check again a day or two later.
These are most effective if you feed them a filename, rather than a program name or description.
Caution: suppose you're an role playing gamer looking for a good dice-rolling simulator for Windows 95 that does 8-sided, 4-sided, etc. You've heard of DICE95 so you go look for that, but you accidentally type in SICE95, and you see a load of files called things like SICE95.ZIP, SOFTICE-95.ZIP, etc, mostly on dodgy sites on universities in Belgium, or Russia, or some such place. Well, these files are likely to be the full commercial version of Soft-Ice for Windows 95, the best debugger / hacking tool there is (or so I'm told), uploaded to web- or ftp- server temp directories by miscreants. Of course, these are deleted after a few days by the conscientious webmasters, so usually the links don't work... but if you were to mistakenly click on one shortly after the ftpsearch indexed it... well, it would still be there, and you'd find yourself involved in software piracy.
This is not an isolated phenomenon... I've inadvertantly come across the entire Win98 disk set (72 disk images!) (it was just a beta, of course... I mean, I expect) while searching for innocent shareware. So be on your guard for free, commercial software. And check it for viruses, too.

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